Don’t miss ‘Clinton Cash’ the documentary tonight!

I just finished watching the 1 hour and 4 minute disturbing documentary based on Peter Schweizer’s book ‘Clinton Cash.’

Clinton Cash
Find it at Amazon.

Apparently you can only get it tonight (or so I am told!).

The thing I found most informative was further confirmation that using a ‘humanitarian’ cover (as with the refugee program) is a sure fire way to avoid suspicion while raking in big bucks.

Another thing I found interesting is that from many of the places where Bill Clinton had his hand out for the Clinton Foundation, refugees were (and are) flowing to the US.  The film mentions Bill and Hillary’s connections in South Sudan, the DR Congo, Columbia and Haiti (all US refugee sending areas of the world).

Could there also have been some deals with big US corporations looking for the importation of cheap labor to America?

Click here for the Youtube at Breitbart tonight. (It is up to 181,061 views now)

And, don’t miss ‘Hillary’s America!’ now showing in a theater near you.  I saw it in St. Cloud, Minnesota with some great American patriots!

10 thoughts on “Don’t miss ‘Clinton Cash’ the documentary tonight!”

  1. If you can sit through a lecture, Dinesh D’Souza does an incredible job talking to high school students about politics and the upcoming election. He is an excellent speaker…you won’t be bored.


  2. The movie is good but it does not contain the names, dates, and ‘cash’ the Clinton’s have made selling the Lincoln Bedroom, the White House, the Secretary of State office…. highly recommend everyone watch the movie and read the book. You will need this on your book shelf in years to come when the criminals are rewriting history should Hillary get in the White House. Remember, this is two for one election – you’ll get both of them back in the White House…


  3. Ann, I thought you would like to know this and pass along to others. I was able to still view this movie today by a search in UTube for Clinton Cash full movie version.




  4. I’m conservative, an elder. In my work years ago in illegal drugs prevention, I discovered that the people who were criminally involved with the industry, “headshops,” for example (drug paraphernalia, bongs, novelty items for use with marijuana, etc) and lawyers defending the large and small dealers were always Democrats.


  5. Saw Clinton Cash last evening. Had read the book a couple of months ago. What a racket those two have going!!! Corruption personified all with that smooth veneer of “charity”.
    Just returned from seeing Hillary’s America. Applause at the end. Absolutely excellent movie. D Sousa hit it out of the park to explain the history of the Democrat Party. Stay to the very end of the credits for Dinesh’s final statement as he wraps it all up so perfectly!!!


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