Getting called-out by the SPLC made my day!

Up early and as usual perusing my alerts to see what I want to write about today, and lo and behold this op-ed by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Heidi Beirich, Ph.D. in The Hill (‘Freedom and Hate’) has made my day and it isn’t even 6 a.m. yet.

Heidi B at SPLC
SPLC’s “Intelligence Project” Director, Heidi Beirich, Ph.D, makes my day! Thank you! You know you have made it when the SPLC gives you recognition!

By the way, this is my routine (if you care) and has been for eight years.

I eagerly jump out of bed before dawn to see what I can share with readers about what has gone very wrong with the 35-year-old UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program.  Sometimes I have other demands on a given day and don’t write, but I am never short of juicy news to share with you if I have the time.

This shout-out by Heidi Beirich, Ph.D. has made my day!

If I find no other news to share today I will still have accomplished much!

What Dr. Beirich doesn’t apparently understand is that I get energized to work even harder (when I get accolades like this) to make sure Americans know how Refugee Resettlement and other LEGAL immigration programs are hurting the American worker, costing federal, state and local taxpayers billions of dollars, and causing social and cultural upheaval wherever large numbers are placed by federal resettlement contractors pretending to be ‘religious’ charities.

my book cover
I love this cover, don’t you?

From The Hill (where Heidi Beirich, Ph.D. is going after the Center for Security Policy) and says this about your humble hater, bigot, racist, nativist, Islamophobe, me:

CSP dedicated much of 2015 to targeting Syrian refugees. Ann Corcoran, the head of the Refugee Resettlement Watch website wrote an anti-refugee booklet published by CSP in April titled, “Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America.” It calls for a ban on all Muslim immigration to the U.S. and encourages Americans to oppose the opening of mosques in their neighborhoods (not a very freedom-loving call to action).

If you want to purchase my short book and see what I said (I doubt Heidi Beirich, Ph.D read it). Click here at Amazon.

And, if you’ve never watched my youtube with now nearly 2.5 million views, watch it here:


Thanks Dr. Beirich for bringing attention to my work!

One last thing, I’ve said it before, but I think we should put on a special dinner (or similar event) for all of those selected as ‘haters’ by the SPLC. We could give out special awards for the top bigot of the year, or the number one nativist, and so forth. It would be so much fun!

11 thoughts on “Getting called-out by the SPLC made my day!”

  1. Ann, I purchased your book for $2.99 (Kindle version). This is not an “inflammatory” book, but one that is measured, well-researched, thoughtful, and informational, sort of like a thesis. I wonder if Dr. Beirich has even read it.


  2. Thanks Ann for your courage and commitment to exposing the truth. The multi billionaire selfish interests have been exposed
    And their paid- for politicians exposed as well. No where to run and hide as long as hard working altruists such as yourself are
    brave enough to refuse to be silenced by their bullying and name calling tactics. You have helped awaken the “sleeping giant”
    and your courage is contagious.There is no stopping Trump, the only candidate w/o a speech prepared as to why it’s not possible
    to control our borders and will continue to shame Americans into accepting the creep of a totalitarian Islamic theocracy that for now
    Is keeping the wealthy globalists in power. Any yes, thanks to Dr. Beirich for helping to sell your book–I’m buying several copies.
    Much appreciation,
    Heidi granchelli (wish I could control who I had to share my first name with!)


      1. Thanks Heidi for being a hater of our beloved Ann Corcoran, the vunder woman who goes up to the mountain to tell us who is coming around the bend. Benjamin Franklin in August 1776,might have been speaking of our awesome Ann when he brilliantly said, “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God” Benjamin Franklin, August 1776


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