Al-Shabab wants American blacks to convert to Islam and migrate

While the media has focused on the Trump portion of al-Shabab’s latest propaganda video, it seems that there was much more in the film of interest to us.

By the way, they are no dummies.  When Hillary (wrongly) said Trump was in an ISIS recruitment video, they obviously decided to capitalize on that (help Hillary) and include him in their latest propaganda initiative.

Somalis to US in 2016
Unfortunately the number migrating in is still huge compared to those migrating out of America. In the first three months of FY2016 the UN/US State Department admitted 1,722 new Somalis. This is where they went. Map is hard to read, but most went to Minnesota. We admitted 8,858 in FY2015.

At RRW we followed the story with hundreds of posts since 2008 about the Somali refugee ‘youths’ who thumbed their noses at their ‘church’ resettlement contractors (including in MN, Catholic Charities, World Relief, and Lutheran Social Services) and the good life you gave them with your tax dollars and went to join the jihad in Africa and elsewhere.

See one of many posts about the ‘seeding’ of Somalis in Minnesota, here.

Here is a report of interest to me from NPR.  Note the word ‘hijrah’ (migration) in the film.  Hijrah is an important tenant in political Islam—migration for the sake of Allah and the caliphate.  In this case, of course, it is migration out of America they are promoting and my view of that is —good bye and good riddance (and take away their passports with no return to the US permitted ever!).

From Minnesota Public Radio:

A new Minnesota-centered recruiting video from al-Shabab calls for African-Americans to convert to Islam, move to a Muslim country and flee “racial profiling and police brutality” in the United States.

Hoping to capitalize on recent high-profile police killings of African-American men, the terror group’s 51-minute video urges American blacks to seek better lives abroad. It also refers to anti-Islam sentiment in the West and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent call for the ban on Muslims immigrating to the U.S.


“The brothers from Minnesota have set an example for all the Muslims in the West,” Dhore tells his audience. “They have left everything behind and they made hijrah (migration) for the sake of Allah.”

Now that is a migration we can support!

We are told the film features dead Minnesota Somali youths, so you have to wonder why that would be an inducement to join them in Africa, but so be it.

4 thoughts on “Al-Shabab wants American blacks to convert to Islam and migrate”

  1. Somehow I don’t think the average American black would be terribly happy in an Islamic country, especially if it’s not a predominately black country. Arabs, traditionally, aren’t generally too terribly fond of blacks. They still enslave blacks…and other non-believers…but nobody seems to want to talk about slavery still existing in Muslim countries. It’s perfectly acceptable under Shariah and there are hadiths for it, since Mohammed practiced it too, which means it still exists in African Islamic countries too or that have large Islamic factions. Remember Al-Shabab kidnapped hundreds of black Christian girls last year. The twitter campaign “Bring Our Girls Back” really worked out well. Or not.

    Converting to Islam is not a good idea for anybody, but especially not for black Americans. There’s a history of a few intrepid American blacks who bought the meme about how bad they have it in America going to live in their perceived Utopia, like the former USSR, only to find out that Oops! They were actually as free as everybody else in America and Utopia was only a book. Sadly, many Americans have been deluded into thinking the grass is always greener on the other side and work to institutionalize ideologies that are just as ruinous, if not more so, to them as it is to the people and the system they seek to destroy.

    Academic studies, dating back decades (which I’d have to look up again to link to, but unsurprisingly have gotten no public exposure) show that immigrants to America are far more racist than Americans. Even the studies making a case that racism still exist in America, disregard some important factors about hiring practices that tend to exclude blacks, such as American blacks being passed over to hire illegals and low-skilled immigrants (and government policies that promote it) plus social issues that have been created by the political abuse of the black population, and its accompanying memes, that are designed to keep blacks in a voting block. The studies I read that focused on race, did hit around the edges of the political shenanigans that manipulate black Americans, but stopped short of fully exploring them. I don’t dismiss the race angle completely, because it’s been a successful political tool that is, in itself, racist. I heard a black retired military judge say once, “If you keep a people poor, dependent, uneducated and angry, you own them.” Wise judge. We can all learn something from this quote.

    There’s the divide-and-conquer strategy at work too. American blacks have nothing in common with foreigners simply because they’re non-white. Blacks know this, but many haven’t figured out that they’re still suffering from Margaret Sanger and the early progressives’ eugenics theory. Many have and more are awakening to this truth daily. Sanger’s theories didn’t go away. They simply morphed into a more socially acceptable segregation, disintegration and disarray of family unity and the systematic diminishment of the black population.

    Blacks are already outnumbered by Hispanics, most of whom are here illegally. As the highest natural minority group in America, if blacks are outnumbered, then all other American minorities are too. Their ire has been misdirected to keep them isolated, as much as possible, because if black (as well as other minorities) and white America realize that they share far more in common than not, that they aren’t enemies, then unite, the fundamental transformation of America’s goose is cooked, which, IMO, is why it’s so important to the subversive Transformers to flood this country with 3rd World immigrants. They call unchecked immigration and chaos compassion, but they know that time will come…soon. Lies work only until it’s obvious to the public that what they’re being told is a lie. It’s not a party loyalty issue or even a political solution that voting will solve…politics will follow when no one will play the game any longer. We would be unstoppable and the Transformers know this.

    It’s way past time that we all do just that and stop paying heed to the misdirected blame and divisive memes. All of our lives and our children’s futures depend on it…and on us. Truth and equal justice demands it.

    So, remember when you hear people, like Joe Biden, say that “Soon whites will be the minority in this country” what they’re really saying is “Soon Americans will be the minority in this country.”

    Islam sure isn’t the cure for whatever may ail anyone. Islam is the ailment. Muslims will have to set themselves free from its bloody viral body. We can’t do it for them, but we can pray for them, support them emotionally and physically, in place, and with policies that force reform, not alleviate the pressure on Islam or aid and abet it. We must accept the truth about Islam and what it says it is, not what apologists say it is, enact policies that force Islam to face its own deadly and cruel internal flaws and leave Islam to suffer the consequences of not reforming. We must put all our influence and resources behind the reformers.

    A united West will have to force reform and the People of the West will have to force its bought, compromised, cowardly and subversive leaderships into doing it by uniting together to demand the end of enabling Islam. It isn’t kind, compassionate or loving to enable or ignore misguided, cruel beliefs and behaviors, even if perpetuating itself in the name of a god and especially not over the financial and political gain of a few. Nor is it compassionate to risk the safety and well being of innocent people who will be, and are being, harmed, killed, raped and threatened by Islam in their own home countries. We love people by protecting them and by helping the innocent caught in its web free their own countries from the viciousness of political Islam.

    Islam doesn’t need converts. It needs curing. That is the loving thing to do…for humanity. Love requires it.

    No, I don’t want black Americans to convert or to migrate to an Islamic country. I want all Americans to unite, to love one another as brother and sister Americans and to set right ourselves and work to right the real wrongs, most of which are the result of political maneuvering. It’s our unalienable right and always has been. We start by speaking the truth in love for all people.


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