Know the enemy: Is Stuart Stevens a saboteur of Republican campaigns?

Last night I happened to be watching Greta when the news broke that hundreds (thousands?) of anti-Trump (anti-free speech) protesters had gathered outside a Univ. of Chicago venue where a Trump rally was scheduled.

‘Strategist’ Stuart Stevens with Romney. Is Stevens one of the main reasons Romney lost in 2012? Is Stevens trying to make sure Rs lose in 2016?

In only a few minutes viewers learned that, concerned for safety of everyone involved, the Trump campaign had cancelled the rally.

However, Greta stuck with reports on the live footage which pretty quickly looked like a joke or an elaborate spoof.  As we watched police physically struggling with protesters, Fox’s man on the ground kept reporting everything was peaceful, it was all just Democracy in action (with Greta piping in that it sure didn’t look too non-violent to her).

I couldn’t take it anymore and switched to CNN. (BTW, you may learn a lot more by watching CNN rather than Fox News!).

At CNN viewers were treated to a barrage of criticism of Trump by “Republican strategist” Stuart Stevens who blamed the whole mess last night on Trump.

Meanwhile former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino calmly blasted Stevens for not placing the blame squarely on protesters whose primary goal was to silence Trump.  An arrogant Stevens could not give even a nod to Bongino (who said he is not a Trump supporter, but is a Cruz supporter) on the point and simply said, ‘I’m right and he (Bongino) is wrong.’

I had heard rumors (off and on for years) that Stevens had messed up campaigns where the Republican should have won.

I don’t have the energy to write a massive tome on Stevens (someone should write a single-topic blog on Stevens!). Google search him and you will see why!  Suffice it to say, he is a loser. Maybe more than that, maybe he is a dirty trickster who helps lose races for certain Republicans going back many years.  You only have to go back four years to where many credit him with being a chief strategist for Romney’s 2012 loss.

Why does CNN even use this guy, watch him here last fall say that Trump wouldn’t get past Iowa!  Is Stevens one of the reasons that the Republican establishment got caught flat-footed about Trump?

Catch me if you can!

What if he doesn’t have the best interests of the Republican Party at heart?  What if he is one of those psychopaths in suits?  You know the type—they want to manipulate and control people, but have no real moral core.  They just get joy out of screwing things up and not getting caught! That last bit, about not getting caught, while throwing out little hints all along, is a big part of the psychological high they enjoy.

I searched ‘Stuart Stevens and mole’ and sure enough he was involved in a situation involving a mole in the 2000 George W. Bush campaign.  See it here. I assume the real mole was never found.

Sundance writing at The Conservative Tree House has more on Stevens here.

I’ll say it again, thank goodness Donald Trump came on the scene this year!  His presence alone has brought (mad-with-rage) ‘Conservatism Inc’ out of the shadows.

2 thoughts on “Know the enemy: Is Stuart Stevens a saboteur of Republican campaigns?”

  1. I do not support at all the thugs who were out on the streets last night.It was progressives at their best but it is ironic that Trump would be talking about his free speech rights when just a few weeks ago, he was talking about opening up the libel laws to sue the media if they say something negative about him or something he doesn’t like. He can’t have it both ways…or wait maybe he can.He sure seems to get a pass on all his inconsistencies. I care very much about the Refugee Resettlement crisis, I just don’t happen to think Trump is the answer. He has now changed his position on the H-1B visas for skilled workers. He was adamantly against it before but now he has ” changed” (his words) and now is for it. I know people like Trump because he “tells it like it is”.The problem is “like it is” depends on who he is talking to and what day it is.


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