Come on! You can do it! “Single-topic” websites needed!

This is a subject I’ve been yammering about for years at Refugee Resettlement Watch (a single-topic blog).

There are hardly any real investigative reporters left in the mainstream media, so it’s up to you to become one!

I know there are probably thousands of you out there reading this who are retired, or otherwise have some time on your hands, and I can’t impress upon you enough how easy it is to focus on some issue that needs magnifying; dig in, and then educate your fellow citizens about what you have learned.

Greene-Famly-Camp (1)
An example of why someone should devote a blog specifically to the issue of Unaccompanied Alien Children (thousands are streaming across the border as we speak). This is an article from a reader alerting us to the fact that 600 were being housed here (in someone’s back yard) at this Texas camp. Find out and publish where else they are going!

I’m here to tell you too, that if your political activism jumps around from day to day over the myriad critical issues facing this country, you will burn-out and accomplish little!  Please, please focus!

Yesterday, I told you about a new “single-topic” website the Left is launching on refugees. They get it! See it here.  And it reminded me to nag you all again.

LOL! The Left always finds money for their projects, but you don’t need much money to start a blog—a starter blog can be free. The techy part is not that complicated—find a young person in the family to help you get started!

For years, I’ve said we need a website/blog devoted to immigrant welfare fraud, specifically food stamp trafficking (no one ever started one that I know of).  In addition, we need one specifically on the Unaccompanied Alien Minors once again streaming across our borders, and one on that d*** Diversity Visa Lottery (just to name a few).

You can do it! Make the most of our free speech while we have it! They will have a hard time shutting down thousands of us!

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