2016: Could this be the year Europe (as we knew it!) dies?

I always thought it would take decades, but maybe it is all coming faster than we could have imagined.  (See our extensive archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ at RRW by clicking here.)

Klaus Schwab: “…chaos and unimaginable change” could be coming to Europe. Imagine a billion Africans moving north….

And, I would never have dreamed to see some elder German business leader, the founder no less of the World Economic Forum that holds its annual meeting this week in Davos, Switzerland as the great Cassandra of our times. (In Greek mythology, Cassandra could prophesy the future, but was doomed to never be believed.)

Will European leaders believe him and move to make changes in time? Close their borders? Turn back the boats? Deport those illegally present? Surely not the way things are going right now.  Some in Europe, especially the German leaders and some naive citizens, seem to have no will to live.

Read Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily reporting on Klaus Schwab and the ‘perfect storm’ that is brewing with the drop in oil prices worldwide, the increasing technology that requires less human labor, and droughts in Africa that could see the unleashing of a mass migration like nothing seen before in world history.

In America, Election 2016 will hinge on the immigration issue (keep an eye on our southern border for the invasion this year!) because nothing else matters!

Here is the World Net Daily, story entitled: Refugee crisis ‘just precursor’ to much bigger event (emphasis is mine).

The founder of the World Economic Forum, which will hold its annual meeting this weekend in Davos, Switzerland, is predicting that falling oil prices could worsen the migrant crisis and bring chaos to Europe.
“Look how many countries in Africa depend for their income from oil exports,” Klaus Schwab told Bloomberg News. “Now just imagine 1 billion inhabitants. Imagine they all move north.

“So it could be that the present refugee problem we have in Europe is just the precursor of what could come if you add in addition a possible water crisis,” he continued. “So I’m very concerned that the lowering of commodity prices leads to substantial social breakdown in a number of countries.”

Schwab also said the Federal Reserve and other elite decision makers are moving in “uncharted territory.”

The theme of this year’s conference, set for Jan. 20-23 in Davos, is “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” as the world prepares to deal with mass replacement of human labor with robots and other technology.


The refugee crisis, if not dealt with wisely, has the potential to bring chaos and unimaginable change to Europe, Schwab said.

“I think we probably have to redefine the word ‘refugee’ to make sure those who are really in need find the necessary protection, but certainly we have to look what to do with those who are more economic refugees. I do not have a recipe,” he said. “But I know we have to protect those … it’s one of our European values. This is having a heart for other people. I am torn myself. Because I would like to help those people as much as possible. On the other hand, I am very concerned what the final impact on populations will be.”

There is much more here.

Watch the Schwab interview at Bloomberg.  He doesn’t sound as nutty as Angela Merkel and the globalists Soros and Sutherland.

So, dear American readers, there is nothing we can do about Europe, but I beg you to get involved in Election 2016 and the immigration issue. Watch for the hundreds of thousands just across our borders to the south make their move on America this year (Obama’s last year!).

Rest assured that if the invasion of America begins in earnest now, Donald Trump will be in the White House in January 2017.

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  1. In 2010 German Banker Thilo Sarrazin wrote a book entitled “Germany abolishes itself”.
    Of course, the usual suspects raised all kinds of noise about this.


    1. Thanks for that reminder. Of course the book was before the latest enormous wave of invaders, so it is even more prophetic!


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