Trump cleverly uses “The Snake” to mock the Dems

Yesterday, everyone was abuzz over Donald Trump’s reading of the lyrics to the Al Wilson song “The Snake.”

Here the Conservative Tree House shows a clip of The Donald reading the lyrics.  But for a laugh, and thanks to reader TwoLaine, watch Al Wilson’s rendition here at Youtube.  (Let’s help this go viral!)

A very good theme song for Election 2016 to mock the NO Borders agitators’ goal of flooding America with unvetted third-worlders from the Middle East, Asia and Africa.  Bumper music for Trump!

Laugh people! Laugh!  The Left hates to be mocked!  (Alinsky: humor is the most powerful political weapon!)

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3 thoughts on “Trump cleverly uses “The Snake” to mock the Dems”

  1. TRUMP read it again last night at his latest Make America Great Again Rally in Pensacola, FL, to a crowd of at least 10k, with another 20k or more live online.


      1. I’m sure he has someone working on it.

        After the media brought up Ted’s citizenship issues, TRUMP started playing Born in the USA at his Rally’s. Yeah, he has a great sense of timing and humor.


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