Keep Benghazi alive!

kris_paronto_side_by_side_500 (1)Over the weekend I had the opportunity to hear Kris Paronto speak about what happened at Benghazi in a  minute by minute recounting of what happened on that fateful evening.  I came away more ashamed than ever that the Obama Administration (including Hillary) acted so shamefully.

This week the movie about that night will be released in a theater near you, show you care by seeing it.

Here is a short trailer:

And, as this Election 2016 progresses remember Hillary’s role in turning Libya into the Islamic hell hole it is now.  See our many posts on how Hillary and her ‘girls’ persuaded Obama to bring down Gadaffi and ultimately created the pathway for a European migrant invasion.

We reported (beginning in 2011) what Hillary, Susan Rice and Samantha Power were up to as the Libyan debacle unfolded. Here is one recent post, follow links to others (from earlier years).

Libya is Hillary’s legacy!

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