Waking thought! Get voter registration information

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In your travels you are probably meeting people who say, “I’m voting for Trump (Cruz, Carson, or Paul)” and they haven’t voted in recent elections or have never voted in a primary.

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Remember we learned in 2012 that if all of the middle class Republicans had bothered to vote, Romney could have won, but discouraged, they stayed home.

Unless you’re deeply involved already and know the rules, everyone reading this should call your county or state board of elections office today and find out what the rules are for your state about voting in the primary.

Some states require registration in a given party (not a registration as an Independent) to allow you to vote in say the Republican primary.  It is vital that you be able to help select the Republican nominee if you want a Washington ‘outsider’as the next President.

If you are in a such a state (that doesn’t allow Independents to vote in the primary), even if you are angry at the GOP, there is nothing shameful about registering as a Republican for the primary and then returning to your Independent registration after the 2016 election.  Make sure they know that party registration doesn’t matter in the general election in November.

In our right hand side bar we provide a link for primary dates in all 50 states, click here to see those dates.

While you are on the phone with your election board, ask what the deadline is for running against an incumbent and what is required to get on the ballot.  No sense yakking about ‘primarying’ someone if the deadline has come and gone.

Also, remember it will take a lot of resources (or a huge volunteer force with time) to unseat someone like Paul Ryan who will have national resources coming to his rescue.  So, also consider an independent run for the seat and make him work.

So to wrap-up, when your plumber, your grocery clerk, or your hairdresser tell you they “love Trump” (Carson, Cruz, Paul) and are voting for him, ask them if they are registered to vote in the primary and tell them the dates in your state that they must be registered by in order to do that.

If they say they “love Bush or Rubio,” mislead them!  LOL! Just kidding!

Update January 6th:  Maryland Cathy sent this excellent comment to Potomac Tea Party Report:

You can carry voter registration forms around with you so that you can get people to fill them out to either register for the first time or to change their party affiliation. They can turn the form in themselves, mail it, or you can turn them in to the election office.
You should tell people that if they don’t hear back from the election office in a reasonable amount of time, that they should call to be sure that the form made it and is being processed.
Sometimes if people sign up at voter registration drives, their forms get lost if they are for the “wrong” party.
I have signed up my chimney sweep, pesticide guy, etc. by having the forms available.



8 thoughts on “Waking thought! Get voter registration information”

  1. I heard some statistics yesterday about voting. I haven’t confirmed them personally, but, at this point, I have no reason to think they’re wrong.

    Of the American population eligible to vote, only 61% are registered. Only 39% of the 61% vote in governor and representative races. 7 out of 8 registered voters aren’t doing anything, including voting. Only 2.9% of the 61% vote in local elections, like races for mayor, school board, county and city councils, etc. Only 1 out of 100 Americans are choosing to vote.

    If I understood these stats correctly, they’re pathetic. I’d like to see how these percentages have changed over the years or if these abysmal participation numbers are fairly traditional. My guess is that voter participation has dwindled over the last fifty years or so as civics has been essentially eliminated from educational curriculums and the progressive “blame America first” narrative has permeated education, media and entertainment, with “history” revised to fit that narrative. The basic sound principles and philosophies that underpin our system are largely unknown to the educationally impoverished population.

    We wouldn’t be having most of today’s discussions, if people knew what they should know and participated in the political component of citizenship. More people might even run for offices to actually be public servants, but then accurate education and informed participation would thwart the fundamental transformation of America. I really hate being lied to by a bunch of arrogant, selfish, destructive…and far too often, clinically psychopathic…wannabe masters of the universe. It’s my responsibility to do all within my power and abilities to not tolerate their manipulations. The truth does set us free.

    Educate yourself and other people about the importance of being informed by original and legitimate sources, legislation, transcripts, videos of speeches and participating in elections. It’s important and addictive once you learn to read the “f’s” as “s’s” in original founding documents. If you are being “educated” solely by media and politicians in front of a microphone, you are likely not only misinformed, you’re choosing to be willfully ignorant. Decide for yourself. Don’t believe anything without doing your own research, using best sources. You don’t have to spend every free minute doing this, just learn where to go to quickly find what you want and what sources are trustworthy based on your research. Once you get the hang of working the puzzle, it all starts to fall into place. What the founders set up is actually brilliant, unlike the liars, cheats and thieves who want you to believe they’re brilliant…and you’re not…so let them handle the “sausage making.”

    It’s cool again to be smart, educated and engaged. Join the Rebel Alliance. Bring your friends. Turn your enemies into friends by helping them understand how important it is to them too, that you’re not in the least bit interested in taking something away from them, but are quite interested in them claiming the individual rights that are already theirs. You don’t have to agree on everything, just on the importance of a truly educated and informed citizenry that votes. All you want is for you and them to be a part of this citizenry.

    Get your light saber today at your local voters registration office. Use it faithfully in every election to sear your mark into every ballot. Paid for since 1776. The Empire must be disabled at the ballot box, then reset to its original design,
    so freedom reigns again in the Republic. This is the Union you’re looking for, padawan.

    Have fun too.


  2. Ann- you are so right about the importance of working locally to get people registered! I have been politically active in my small town for over 25 years and working with others to get people elected, we have had our small share of victories. Most people don’t realize that their local Congressman or woman is their direct link to the Federal Government in Washington DC and therefore many don’t bother to vote for that office even if they are registered. I have found that local congressional offices are pretty much “low hanging fruit” when it comes to engaging those candidates who are running for office. Also, as you have pointed out, it is vitally important especially this year, to be able to vote in a primary. I have been a registered “R” for many years not because I like them or agree with them, but because it is incredibly important to me to be able to vote in the local primaries that often are decided by one or two votes! I think one of the most important things that we can do in the coming months is to register people and get out the vote. Glad that you reminded us and hope that you will continue to do so throughout the year. We all are so busy working and trying to pay our obscene taxes that we often forget we have a chance to do something about the situation. If you don’t vote, you lose your right to complain is how I see it.


    1. Thanks for all you are doing. I’ve found that sometimes when something seems so familiar to you it’s hard to imagine that others don’t completely understand just the basic rules. And, I want to be sure all those who are talking a big game about who they support for President understand the steps to getting to November. You can be sure the left is busy, busy, busy, getting their people registered!

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      1. Ann- you hit the nail on the head once again. Just read your piece about the Muslim push to get out the vote. Let’s face facts- they get it and many patriotic American don’t. As I walk around my town trying to get signatures on this petition or that but especially when it comes to the petitions for candidates who are trying to get on the ballot, it sickens me to find out how many taxpaying residents are not registered to vote. Many of these people who live in some of NY’s most expensive suburbs will be the first to complain about their property taxes but for some reason don’t think it’s important to vote. These are people that need to be educated pronto and as I speak to them as a neighbor and concerned citizen, I implore them to get involved even if it’s just to come out and vote on the school budget.

        This year is going to be crucial for our country and we cannot afford to lose a single vote, it is that critical. The Progressive/ Left/ Dems are hellbent on getting Hillary in and there is no dirty trick that they won’t attempt. Another thing we need to work on locally in every single county and state is to establish the integrity of the voting rolls and to ensure that dead people, non-citizens and those not entitled do not get to vote. Even in my small town/county I can tell you after working on many elections, that we have found names listed on the rolls of people who are no longer residents. This is a huge problem for our side, specially since the Dem corruption is so well organized and somehow they manage to get away with massive voter fraud in venues that they control. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.


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